Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not Just a Pretty Face

Karl Champley is familiar face to anyone who watches DIY Network, but to all of us he's an enthusiastic volunteer who's changing the life of Donna Russell (read her story posted 10/31.)

"I've done a number of Habitat projects over the last five years and the best thing about it is the feeling you get. You take away so much more than you put in."

Karl's first Habitat build included a 1000 home blitz in North Carolina, after that experience, Donna's home has to be a piece of cake!

"This A Brush With Kindness program is such a great thing! I live here in L.A. and this is my first Habitat buid here. Donna working full time and she has very little money for the upkeep of her home, she's faced city fines and needs all the help she can get to keep this house safe. I truly believe that smaller projects can have the largest impact."

Karl is leading a team of volunteers who have been primering and painting, replacing broken and non-existant windows, installed a back door that had been missing for years, and they are even attempting to get a furnace working that's been broken for 15 years! We have no doubt they'll be successful.

"Time is the most expensive thing we have and if you can donate that time to be part of a Habitat build you will walk away with so much more. If it's the only thing you do in your life, you'll grow old with a smile on your face."

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